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A demo server for AllenNLP models.

Build PyPI License

❗️ To file an issue, please open a ticket on allenai/allennlp and tag it with "Server". ❗️


From PyPI

allennlp-server is available on PyPI. To install with pip, just run

pip install allennlp-server

Note that the allennlp-server package is tied to the allennlp core package and allennlp-models package. Therefore when you install the server package you will get the latest compatible version of allennlp and allennlp-models (if you haven't already installed allennlp or allennlp-models). For example,

pip install allennlp-server
pip freeze | grep allennlp
# > allennlp==2.2.0
# > allennlp-models==2.2.0
# > allennlp-server==1.0.0

From source

You can install AllenNLP Server by cloning our git repository:

git clone

Create a Python 3.8 virtual environment, and install AllenNLP Server in editable mode by running:

pip install --editable .

Running AllenNLP Server

AllenNLP Server is a plugin for AllenNLP which adds a "serve" subcommand:

allennlp serve --help