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This is a Zabbix template + script useful to monitor Redis Server & Redis Sentinel instances:

  1. Copy to /usr/local/bin/.

  2. Add the redis_server.discovery & redis_server.stats and / or redis_sentinel.discovery & redis_sentinel.stats user parameters to Zabbix:

    UserParameter=redis_server.discovery[*],/usr/local/bin/ -i '$1' -t server discover $2 2> /dev/null
    UserParameter=redis_server.stats[*],/usr/local/bin/ -i '$1' -t server stats 2> /dev/null
    UserParameter=redis_sentinel.discovery[*],/usr/local/bin/ -i '$1' -t sentinel discover $2 2> /dev/null
    UserParameter=redis_sentinel.stats[*],/usr/local/bin/ -i '$1' -t sentinel stats 2> /dev/null
  3. Import the templates. You may download the appropriate versions from the releases page or generate them using the Jinja2 skeletons:

    $ pip install jinja2-cli
    $ PYTHONPATH=. jinja2 \
        -D version={6.0,6.2,6.4} \
        [-D name='Redis Server'] \
        [-D description=''] \
        [-D release='trunk'] \
        --extension=extensions.zabbix.ZabbixExtension --strict -o template.xml template-app-redis-server.j2
    $ PYTHONPATH=. jinja2 \
        -D version={6.0,6.2,6.4} \
        [-D name='Redis Sentinel'] \
        [-D description=''] \
        [-D release='trunk'] \
        --extension=extensions.zabbix.ZabbixExtension --strict -o template.xml template-app-redis-sentinel.j2
  4. Link hosts to the templates. Beware depending on the used template you must set a value for the {$REDIS_SERVER.LOCATIONS} or {$REDIS_SENTINEL.LOCATIONS} macro (comma-delimited list of Redis instances; port, host:port and unix:///path/to/socket formats are allowed). Additional macros and contexts are available for further customizations.