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Cosmos Cash

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Cosmos Cash is a protocol designed to be regulatory compliant that offers the same guarantees as traditional banking systems. Features that enable these guarantees are Know Your Customer (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML) tracking, Financial Action Task Force (FATF) travel rule, and identity management. Cosmos Cash uses a novel approach to identity management by leveraging W3C specifications for decentralized identifiers and verifiable credentials.

Research paper

For more information on the research behind the Cosmos Cash protocol, please look at the Cosmos Cash research paper:

Cosmos Cash: Investigation into EU regulations affecting E-Money tokens


The Cosmos Cash approach leverages open standards to reach its goals and to offer an open model that is compatible with third-party projects that use the open standards. In particular, the Cosmos Cash project uses:

  • Self-sovereign identity (SSI)
  • Decentralized identifier (DID)
  • Verifiable credentials (VC)
  • Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP)

For a detailed architecture description and design choices, visit the ADR section.


The Cosmos Cash documentation is available on the Cosmos Cash Documentation Portal.

Technical reference is bundled within each module, visit the Cosmos Cash Modules page for links to individual modules.

Links to presentations, discussions and interviews are available in Presentations.

Getting Started

To get started and contribute to the project, see Technical Setup and the Contributing page.


To join or interact using the testnet, see testnet coordinates

Do you have questions or want to get in touch? Send us an email at