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Welcome to the AllJoyn Open Source Project Home Page of the wiki!

This is the main project page of the AllJoyn Open Source Project. We are the project maintaining the official AllJoyn code repositories that were developed originally by the former AllSeen Alliance, which merged with the Open Connectivity Foundation.

As of the beginning of 2018, the AllJoyn project repositories are no longer hosted at but have been migrated here to Github. Pardon our dust, as most documentation in these repositories, has references to allseenalliance which are no longer available.

For those interested in AllJoyn, we welcome volunteer assistance to participate in the updates. Please contact the maintainers if you are interested.

AllJoyn Repositories

All of the project's repositories from the days of AllSeen Alliance are available in - however many of these are of only historical interest. The repositories listed below are the most important ones for building the Core of AllJoyn's standard and thin core libraries. Also the work of the Common Data Models project is of interest for data model interactions with the work that is on-going in the Open Connectivity Foundation, for the bridging task group of OCF, and the Data Model Work Group of OCF.

  1. AllJoyn Standard Core - Core AllJoyn
  2. AllJoyn TCL (thin core library) - Core - Thin Core Library
  3. AllJoyn.js - a library to do AllJoyn projects in Javascript - AllJoyn.js project
  4. AllJoyn Core Security Manager - Security 2.0 Manager Project
  5. Common Data Models - Core Common Data Models

AllJoyn Documentation

The former AllJoyn documentation site was very outdated and many links were broken after the merger with OCF. But, all of the original documentation is still present in the "Extras-Webdocs" repository of the AllJoyn GitHub at the following link AllJoyn extras-webdocs. There is a way to build the web-docs from the markdown pages and the embedded graphics diagrams, however these are not currently built and posted as many links would need to be updated. Still you can find quite a bit of readable documentation in this repository by browsing through the source pages, most of which are in Markdown. GitHub naturally previews these as you browse.

AllJoyn - a top-level overview - AllJoyn System Description Page (top level only)

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