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Opening directory in sidebar by keyboad has no effect #67

trkoch opened this Issue Nov 9, 2012 · 5 comments

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trkoch commented Nov 9, 2012

Opening a directory with files by pressing <Right> (or <Enter>) changes the icon but does not display the directory's content. Double clicking or clicking the icon works as expected.

roychoo commented Jan 4, 2013

i m also having this issue.


Does anyone know which rev this blames to?

Seems broken even as far back as


I spent some time finding the first working copy that I could find:

f57aaaf works correctly.

It broke some time after this diff, and before/at

alloy commented Jan 8, 2013

Hey @jordow, sorry about that.

Currently you should indeed build commit ac6f844, which is the ‘stable’ one (this is the one that corresponds to the latest prebuilt binary).

The commits afterwards are for unfinished performance optimisation work. (If someone wants to continue on that work, please do!)

alloy commented Jan 8, 2013

@trkoch @roychoo Sorry guys, I currently have no time to work on this. If you can submit a patch that would be much appreciated and I will do a new release.

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