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Bad Choices

Bad Choices

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Bad Choices is a book all about faster and slower ways of tackling everyday problems that aims to show how thinking in such terms can serve as a compelling introduction to computer science. The book contains twelve vignettes and sixty-five illustrations.

“Matching up your socks? Heading to the supermarket? Searching for that perfect item in a sale? Most tasks could be improved if we applied what we know about algorithms to our daily lives. Ali Almossawi will show you how.” —New Scientist

“One of the more clever ways of introducing computational thinking to the general public.” —Vint Cerf, Turing Award winner, Chief Internet Evangelist at Google, a 'Father of the Internet'

“Perfect for anyone wanting to understand the basics of Computer Science.” —Cesar Hidalgo, director of the Collective Learning group at the MIT Media Lab, author of Why Information Grows

“Read it with the kids and spent more than an hour arguing about different sock-sorting algorithms. Was great fun!” —Daniel Whiteson, particle physicist, researcher at CERN, co-author of We Have No Idea

“What I appreciated most was how the book became a survey of things I take for granted every day, shining a light on these algorithms and showing me different ways to think about and consider them.” —Jamis Buck, author of Mazes for Programmers

“Always delighted when data becomes actionable knowledge. Some insights into putting this into daily action in all parts of life.” —Jean Ellefson, Chief of Staff, Research and Product Development, Xerox



Bad Choices — An Illustrated Guide to Algorithmic Thinking



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