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NOTE: This hasn't been maintained for a while and was never very complete to start with. Check out for a more usable library!

A binding for sqlite3 for React Native. Allows a database to be opened and for SQL queries to be run on it.

Written by Thomas Parslow ( and as part of Active Inbox (


Install using npm with npm install --save react-native-sqlite

You then need to add the Objective C part to your XCode project. Drag AIBSQLite.xcodeproj from the node_modules/react-native-sqlite folder into your XCode project. Click on the project in XCode, goto Build Phases then Link Binary With Libraries and add libAIBSQLite.a and libsqlite3.dylib.

NOTE: Make sure you don't have the AIBSQLite project open seperately in XCode otherwise it won't work.


var sqlite = require('react-native-sqlite');"filename.sqlite", function (error, database) {
  if (error) {
    console.log("Failed to open database:", error);
  var sql = "SELECT a, b FROM table WHERE field=? AND otherfield=?";
  var params = ["somestring", 99];
  database.executeSQL(sql, params, rowCallback, completeCallback);
  function rowCallback(rowData) {
    console.log("Got row data:", rowData);
  function completeCallback(error) {
    if (error) {
      console.log("Failed to execute query:", error);
    console.log("Query complete!");
    database.close(function (error) {
      if (error) {
        console.log("Failed to close database:", error);

Database Location

It will first look for the database filename you give in the Documents directory inside the app sandbox. If it doesn't find anything there it will look in the app bundle and try and copy it to the Documents directory. If it doesn't find the database in either place then it will create a new blank database in the Documents directory.

In the future it should probably be made possible to open/create databases in the tmp and Libraries directories.

Known Issues

  • Doesn't support reading of BLOB fields right now. I'm not entirely sure what would be the best way to pass back binary data. Maybe Base64?
  • Database needs to be closed manually. I'm not sure how I could do this automatically.

Feedback Welcome!

Feedback, questions, suggestions and most of all Pull Requests are very welcome. This is an early version and I want to figure out the best way to continue it.

I'm also available for freelance work!

I'm @almostobsolete on Twitter my email is and you can find me on the web at and

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