JavaScript libraries for OSM application
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JavaScript libraries for OpenStreetMap applications


Validators Leaflet layer

Add validators layer to your Leaflet map by:

map.addLayer(new OsmJs.Validators.LeafletLayer(config))

Where example config is:

  validators: [{
    "name": "Отладочный валидатор",
    "url": "{minlat}&minlon={minlon}&maxlat={maxlat}&maxlon={maxlon}",
    "offset_limit": true,
    "jsonp": true,
    "types": {
      "test_error": {"text": "Тестовая ошибка"}

OpenWeatherMap weather layer

Leaflet distance control

Icon for distance control from here:


Install coffee-script first:

sudo npm install --global coffee-script

Then call:

cake build

That's all, now you have your updated library in dist/


Copyright © 2012 Alexey Noskov, released under the {MIT license}[]