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Move from ExtJS to jQuery UI #55

fbuchinger opened this Issue · 34 comments

I know that this feature request is a bit radical, but I propose to get rid of the ext.js dependency.

Why get rid of ExtJs? The first reason is to reduce the size of the script includes... The already minified aloha.js is 1 MB in size. The second reason are extjs' license terms. If I want to use Aloha in a commercial project, I need to buy a license for Aloha plus a license for ExtJs. This certainly narrows Aloha's attractiveness compared to TinyMCE et al, which require none or one license purchase.

I know that this will be a long-term goal, especially because some replacement for ExtJS' UI functionality has to be found. But IMHO it is certainly worth a discussion on the upcoming Aloha Hackathon


Some developers around Clemens are working on such a solution with jQuery UI. On the Aloha Editor DevCon they try to implement a prototype.


Glad to hear that! I hope to join in there


Was issue this closed on purpose?


sorry, closed it accidentially. Can someone of the aloha team re-open it?




Jep, I will focus on that at the devcon. I hope that the jQuery UI guys, bergie and me can get this thing rolling, but I'm quite sure, that we won't be able to finish this project in just one week. So any help ist highly appreciated! :)


Maybe I can help too... I surely will attend the conf for one or two days, although I'm just on the waiting list.


A few more people are welcome. It could become to a problem if a lot more want to come, but since you are the first on the list you can be quiet sure to be invited to participate.


Just updated the wiki with the latest devcon developments:


Thanks a lot, I will stay tuned....


This is now the priority. Aiming for a beta release in April.


what is the update on this feature? I uploaded the latest code from the jquery branch but the code calls a bunch of Ext.js code? It appears as though you has a sample working in one of your examples?


Hi ha25gmail - it is still in development, it is for the v0.11 release that will be due out sometime in 2nd Quarter 2011.

@balupton balupton was assigned

As discussed today with Haymo, an idea is to use Hallo as the experimental testbed for how Aloha's features could be provided through jQuery UI:

For this to work better, we're planning to move Hallo repository under the Aloha GitHub group.


To clear up things. The Aloha Editor Team will continue the jQuery UI implementation in the Aloha-Editor rep in the branch dev-jqueryui. hint or explorations from Hallo can be implemented.

@draftkraft draftkraft was assigned
@limi gives me a 404. Is the switch to jQuery UI still planned?


I am interested in any followup on this. One of the biggest challenges we are seeing for adopting Aloha is the download size from the ExtJs dependency.


We are currently in the progress of planing the migration to jquery-ui. The ui specification is currently being written.


should be available in june 2012


Hey was curious how the progress is going on this :) Awesome work guys!


We are making progress on the dev-jqueryui-ultra branch


is there a new estimated date/date range?


I expect the dev-jqueryui-ultra branch to be merged back to dev sometime next week.


Hi all,

back from spare time spent in other projects... Lots of good moves in aloha since my last pull :) (Loading time whoooaaa !!!)
Just checkouted this branch and have aloha working (alone).

Is someone fixing the format plugin or may i start hacking around ? Any advice or example/model/doc to follow ?


Hello Nico,

we are still fixing some bugs on the dev-jqueryui-ultra branch (I'm assuming you pulled dev-jquerui-ultra where most of the development happened). The format plugin should work. We should be finished with most pressing fixes on friday. If you want to hack around, feel free. We are not going to make any more big changes.

We have re-implemented the aloha ui. There is now a common/ui plugin. It works with jqueryui. Extjs has been removed.
Look at in the repository root folder for some of the things that changed.

We didn't yet write any documentation for the new ui. Look at the existing plugins for how to use it. Basically, you call Ui.assign(configuredName, componentType, settings). This gives you an instance of a button for example.

The configuredName is just a string in the toolbar configuration (Aloha.settings.toolbar). Look at index.html in the boilerplate demo. Aloha.settings.toolbar describes the layout of the floating menu. Ui.assign() assigns a new component instance to a named slot in the floating menu. The name of the slot is specified in the configuration. This lets you configure the layout of the toolbar exactly the way you want.


Well, thanks @deliminator
Just found from myself the ui dependency.
The readme gives really useful informations, still have a few problem, i should fix quicker now.


The dev-jqueryui-ultra branch has been merged into the dev branch. Tomorrow it should be released, as version 0.21:

:) :) :)


so I suppose we can close it now :-)

@evo42 evo42 closed this

Can someone confirm re: license - we can now use in commercial projects

-> The js + css are already on the client so the client can get the code if they need to

-> Would Aloha charge if we were to use the aloha in commercial projects?

-> Are we allowed to amend to code, and still use in commercial projects, the fork will be in a public repo that is accessible to Aloha

Good stuff guys :thumbsup:


dear ha25gmail - regarding licensing - yes you can use the GPL version of Aloha Editor in commercial projects as long as you fullfilling the terms of GPL especially regarding sharing obligations - check out these FAQ -
In this case you don´t have to pay anything for using Aloha Editor.

If you don´t want or if you aren´t able to fulfill the terms of GPL you can always support Aloha Editor by obtaining a commercial license for Aloha Editor. If you want this check out

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