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ElasticSearch OSEM
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ElasticSearch OSEM

Object Search Engine Mapper for ElasticSearch


Configure your model with the annotations:

import org.elasticsearch.osem.annotations.Indexable;
import org.elasticsearch.osem.annotations.Searchable;

public class Tweet {
    private String message;
    private String user;
    private Date date;

    public String getMessage() { return message; }

    public void setMessage(String message) { this.message = message; }

    public String getUser() { return user; }

    public void setUser(String user) { this.user = user; }

    public Date getDate() { return date; }

    @Indexable(indexName = "post_date")
    public void setDate(Date date) { = date; }

Configure an ObjectContext instance with your(s) class(es):

import org.elasticsearch.osem.core.ObjectContext;
import org.elasticsearch.osem.core.ObjectContextFactory;


ObjectContext context = ObjectContextFactory.create();

Then you can write objects to the ElasticSearch client:

node.client().prepareIndex("twitter", "tweet", "1").setSource(context.write(tweet)).execute().actionGet();

And read them from search hits:

for (SearchHit hit : searchResponse.getHits()) {
    Tweet t =;

You can view a full example in

Maven Repository


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