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Build a spiffs file system on linux for embedding into the nodemcu ESP8266 spiffs
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Build a spiffs file system binary for embedding/writing onto the Sming ESP8266 spiffs file system. This code forked from and changed for bigger fs and file sizes and stability.

What is it

spiffy builds a binary spiffs image for you to write_flash to a esp8266 runing Sming so you can get all the files onto your cool IoT device in one fell swoop.


Basic usage is "spiffy 196608 webFiles" after build. You can build spiffy like this.

Clone the repo and build spiffy

git clone
cd spiffy

create a folder with the webFiles you'd like to embed

run spiffy to build the rom

C:\Users\Suskun\Documents\GitHub\spiffy\build>spiffy 196608 webFiles
Creating rom spiff_rom.bin of size 196608 bytes
Adding files in directory webFiles
Unable to read file .
Unable to read file ..
bootstrap.css.gz added to spiffs (15615 bytes)
index.html added to spiffs (12466 bytes)
jquery.js.gz added to spiffs (30153 bytes)
settings.html added to spiffs (4210 bytes)
style.css added to spiffs (7710 bytes)
wifi-sprites.png added to spiffs (1769 bytes)


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