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""" Official evaluation script for v1.0 of the ComplexWebQuestions dataset. """
import argparse
import json
import unicodedata
import re
import pandas as pd
def compare_span_to_answer(spans, answers, question, question_annotated=None):
""" Compares one answers to spans, multiple matches are possible
if len(spans) == 0:
return []
found_answers = pd.DataFrame(columns=['span', 'answer', 'span_index'])
spans_series = pd.Series(spans)
pre_proc_answers = []
answers = [answer.lower().strip() for answer in answers]
for answer in answers:
proc_answer = unicodedata.normalize('NFKD', answer).encode('ascii', 'ignore').decode(encoding='UTF-8')
# removing common endings such as "f.c."
proc_answer = re.sub(r'\W', ' ', proc_answer).lower().strip()
# removing The, a, an from begining of answer as proposed by SQuAD dataset answer comparison
if proc_answer.startswith('the '):
proc_answer = proc_answer[4:]
if proc_answer.startswith('a '):
proc_answer = proc_answer[2:]
if proc_answer.startswith('an '):
proc_answer = proc_answer[3:]
question = question.lower().strip()
# processing question:
# question_annotated = pd.DataFrame(question_annotated)
# exact match:
for pre_proc_answer, answer in zip(pre_proc_answers, answers):
if answer in spans:
exact_match_ind = spans.index(answer)
found_answers = found_answers.append({'span_index': exact_match_ind, 'answer': answer, 'span': answer},
if pre_proc_answer in spans:
exact_match_ind = spans.index(pre_proc_answer)
found_answers = found_answers.append(
{'span_index': exact_match_ind, 'answer': answer, 'span': pre_proc_answer}, ignore_index=True)
# year should match year.
if question.find('year') > -1:
year_in_answer ='([1-2][0-9]{3})', answer)
if year_in_answer is not None:
year_in_answer =
year_spans = spans_series[spans_series == year_in_answer]
if len(year_spans) > 0:
found_answers = found_answers.append(
{'span_index': year_spans.index[0], 'answer': answer, 'span': year_in_answer}, ignore_index=True)
return found_answers.drop_duplicates()
def compute_P1(matched_answers, golden_answer_list, pred_answer):
P1 = 0
if len(matched_answers) > 0:
P1 = 100
return P1
def evaluate(dataset_df, predictions):
# please predict the full file
if len(dataset_df) != len(predictions):
print('predictions file does not match dataset file number of examples!!!')
P1 = 0
for prediction in predictions:
golden_answer_list = []
for answer in dataset_df.loc[prediction['ID'],'answers']:
golden_answer_list += answer['aliases']
if not None in golden_answer_list:
matched_answers = compare_span_to_answer([prediction['answer']], golden_answer_list,
dataset_df.loc[prediction['ID'], 'question'])
curr_P1 = compute_P1(matched_answers, golden_answer_list, prediction['answer'])
P1 += curr_P1
return P1/len(dataset_df)
if __name__ == '__main__':
#expected_version = '1.0'
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description='Evaluation for ComplexWebQuestions ')
parser.add_argument('dataset_file', help='Dataset file')
parser.add_argument('prediction_file', help='Prediction File')
args = parser.parse_args()
with open(args.dataset_file) as dataset_file:
dataset_df = pd.DataFrame(json.load(dataset_file)).set_index('ID')
with open(args.prediction_file) as prediction_file:
predictions = json.load(prediction_file)
print(json.dumps(evaluate(dataset_df, predictions)))