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Alpaca API Issue Tracker

This repository is meant to act as a centralized collection of any bugs or feature requests for the Alpaca API. If your question relates to a specific API library maintained by Alpaca, please open your issue in that library's repository instead. Please also check our API documentation for answers before opening an issue.

Opening Tickets (Use the templates)

Before opening a new ticket to ask a question or request a feature, please search in the existing issues to see if there's a similar ticket open. If so, feel free to add your thoughts as a comment, or just give the ticket a thumbs-up reaction to indicate that you feel it's important.

If you don't find an existing issue similar enough to your situation, you can open a new issue, following the appropriate template. Please fill out as much information as possible within the template, as that will allow us to address your issues much faster. If your error involves more than a few lines of code and could be a coding error, please ask around in the Alpaca Community Slack first.


The Alpaca API is a developer interface for trading operations and market data reception through the Alpaca platform.



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