Xynth is a portable embedded windowing system, client/server interface between display hardware (mouse, keyboard, video displays) and the desktop environment that works on many hardware, including embedded devices (handhelds, set-top boxes, etc.).
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Edit xynth.conf for your needs

# make menuconfig
# make all
# make dist
# make install

You may also use defult configs with;

make linux        - linux default configuration
make linux-single - linux single app configuration
make mingw        - mingw default configuration
make pspdev       - pspdev default configuration
make gp2x         - gp2x default configuration

after instalation xynth.conf will be located at $(CONFDIR).

by default $CONFDIR is /usr/local/share/xynth/configs, but might change
depending on your build configurations.

you can also change the paths as you wish from 'make menuconfig' -> Paths

xynth& sleep 3; term


xynth& sleep 3; desktop

look in FAQ file, for erors.