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aPCmeter Working

aPCmeter Flyer

aPCmeter is an open source, Arduino Nano based, illuminated vintage looking CPU and RAM gauges box project. It was designed only just for fun. It shows CPU and RAM utilization of PC in an analog manner.


v2, 2023

7 years after the first design (v1, 2016), my friend Erdal Mehmetcik who is a 3D printer enthusiast designed and printed an ABS box for me (with Bambu X1c) and I did a retrofit.

v2 front

v2, 2023 vs v1, 2016

The only difference between v2 and v1 is the box design. When I created the project in 2016, 3D printers were not widespread. Therefore, I made a wooden box. In 2023, the box is upgraded to a 3D printed ABS. The electronics, firmware and software are the same.


  • 3D: .stl files of the new box (v2). You can create your own copy with a 3D printer.

  • Board: Contains schematic and bread board layout drawn by using Fritzing, BOM and Arduino Nano pinout diagram.

  • Firmware: Contains Arduino software and its documentation generated by using Doxygen. Doxygen codes are also included there.

  • HowToBuild: Contains detailed building guide for the hardware.

  • Gauge: Contains drawings of CPU and RAM gauges in both vector and static formats. All vector drawings were done in Inkscape.

  • Software: Contains PC software (Python script + .exe) required getting CPU and RAM usages from OS and sending them to aPCmeter.

  • Wood: Contains wood cut sketch prepared by using simple-cutting-software-x. You may take these drawings as a reference if you are planning to build your own wood case.

Building your own aPCmeter

This is a basic project. First read HowToBuild. The schematic is in Board directory. The necessary Arduino firmware is in Firmware directory with a very detailed documentation. An example PC software is in Software directory. If you want to print your own plastic box, then check 3D directory or for check Wood directory to make your own wooden box.