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data science experiments to develop models of GOV.UK content similarity
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Experiments and use of content similarity models

A set of experiments and models to generate embeddings for content items on GOV.UK, so far:

  1. doc2vec
  2. Google's universal sentence encoder

Installing / Getting started

When following this guidance, code is executed in the terminal unless specified otherwise.

Clone this repo using:

git clone

in your terminal.

Where to get the data

These models either use clean.content.csv.gz or labelled.csv.gz which are produced in the dataprep scripts in alphagov/govuk-taxonomy-supervised-learning

Python version

These experiments were conducted in python version Python 3.6.4.

Virtual environment

Create a new python 3.6.4 virtual environment using your favourite virtual environment manager (you may need pyenv to specify python version; which you can get using pip install pyenv).

If new to python, an easy way to do this is using the PyCharm community edition and opening this repo as a project. You can then specify what python interpreter to use (as explained here).

Using pip to install necessary packages

Then install required python packages:

pip install -r requirements.txt

How to visualise the embeddings in tensorboard

After saving checkpoints to specified log directory e.g., universal_embeddings:

tensorboard --logdir=universal_embeddings

then go to localhost:6006 in your browser. They can take a long time to render.

You can then play around with the t-SNE and PCA algorithms for visualisation and colour the pages by any metadata items.



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