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Helps citizens get support during the COVID-19 pandemic
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This is an application for submitting a form.

Getting started

The instructions will help you to get the application running locally on your machine.


You'll need an Amazon DynamoDB local instance running in a docker container.

You'll need a JavaScript runtime:
Clone the app and run bundle locally.

Running DynamoDB


Run the following to set up the local version of DynamoDB

    docker pull amazon/dynamodb-local 
    docker run -d -p 8000:8000 amazon/dynamodb-local 

Running the application (DynamoDB will need to be running)

foreman start

Running the tests

bundle exec rake

Deployment pipeline

Every commit to master is deployed to GOV.UK PaaS by this concourse pipeline, which is configured in concourse/pipeline.yml.

The concourse pipeline has credentials for the govuk-forms-deployer user in GOV.UK PaaS. This user has the SpaceDeveloper role, so it can cf push the application.

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