Keeps track of the new GOV.UK taxonomy and navigation
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GOV.UK Tagging Monitor

Collection of scripts that run regularly and check if everything is okay with GOV.UK's new navigation pages (like

It runs every hour on Jenkins.

Technical documentation

The project consists of a number of rake tasks. These will:

  • Check the navigation pages. In certain cases it will report warnings to the #taxonomy Slack channel.
  • Send basic stats to our statsd instance. These stats are used on a grafana dashboard.
  • Analyse the links on navigation pages, and report these in Google Drive.

Developing with Google Drive

The Google Drive integration is handled by the google-drive-ruby gem. Authentication with Google Drive is handled by a service account attached to the govuk-tagging-monitor Google Cloud project.

See the documentation on Authorization through the Gem here.

Since the authentication is performed by a service account, you won't need to log in to Google to interact with Google Drive. However, you will need a credentials JSON file that authorizes the project to log in using this service account. You can find the JSON file on Jenkins. You will need to copy it into the root of your working directory, but do not commit this file.


No dependencies.

Running the application

bundle exec rake run

Running the test suite

bundle exec rspec


MIT License