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This application consumes application and service metrics from Cloud Foundry. All the metrics are exposed on a /metrics endpoint for a Prometheus server to scrape.

The application will get metrics for all apps and services that the user has access to.

To use paas-prometheus-exporter with GOV.UK PaaS, see Use the PaaS Prometheus exporter app in the documentation.

If you use StatsD rather than Prometheus see alphagov/paas-metric-exporter.

How metrics are collected

The applications and services are automatically discovered using the Cloud Foundry API every update-frequency seconds. This means it might take a little time while a new application or service's metrics are exposed.

If an application is stopped or deleted, or a service it deleted, the relevant metrics will be removed. (Only when the next app/service list refresh happens)

When the metrics collection for an app/service encounters an error it will be restarted, but the metrics might be missing for one update cycle. In this case you should see an error logged.

Application metrics

For every application we create a persistent connection to a Doppler endpoint which automatically sends any new application event or metric. When a Prometheus scrape occurs the latest metric values are exposed.

Service metrics

For every service instance we poll all metrics for the last 15 minutes from Log Cache every scrape-interval seconds. Only the newest values are used for any metrics. When a Prometheus scrape occurs we expose the state of the metrics from the last refresh, but we also add the original timestamps.

Available application metrics

The following metrics will be exported for every application instance.

Name Type Description
cpu gauge CPU utilisation in percent (0-100)
disk_bytes gauge Disk usage in bytes
disk_utilization gauge Disk utilisation in percent (0-100)
memory_bytes gauge Memory usage in bytes
memory_utilization gauge Memory utilisation in percent (0-100)
crash counter Increased by one if the application crashed for any reason
requests counter Number of requests processed broken down by status_range label
response_time histogram Timing of processed requests broken down by status_range label

Available service metrics

The service metrics are different service-by-service, please check the /metrics endpoint to see what metrics are exposed exactly.

Getting Started

Refer to the PaaS Technical Documentation for instructions on how to set up the metrics exporter app. Information on the configuration options are in the following table.

Mandatory options

Configuration Option Application Flag Environment Variable Notes
API endpoint api-endpoint API_ENDPOINT
Username username USERNAME
Password password PASSWORD

Additional options

Configuration Option Application Flag Environment Variable Default value Notes
Bind port prometheus-bind-port PORT 8080 The port that the application will bind to.
Update frequency update-frequency UPDATE_FREQUENCY 300 The time in seconds, that takes between each apps update call
Scrape interval scrape-interval SCRAPE_INTERVAL 60 Scrape interval in seconds. Set this to the same value as the Prometheus scrape interval. The service metrics will be refreshed using the same interval
Log-cache endpoint logcache-endpoint LOGCACHE_ENDPOINT https://log-cache.<PaaS system domain> Usually it's unnecessary to override this
Basic-auth username auth-username AUTH_USERNAME Apply basic auth protection to the /metrics endpoint Leave this field blank to disable basic auth
Basic-auth password auth-password AUTH_PASSWORD


With each update of the PaaS Prometheus Exporter you should update the version number located in main.go file at the top of the var block.


To run the test suite, then run make test from the root of this repository.

Regenerating mocks

We generate some test mocks using counterfeiter. The mocks need to be regenerated if the mocked interfaces are changed.

To install counterfeiter please run first:

go get

To generate the mocks:

make generate


The application is partly based on pivotal-cf/graphite-nozzle.


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