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GOV.UK Pay Self Service portal (Node.js)

We use Architecture Decision Records to keep track of the history of software design decisions on this application. Please see docs/arch.

Key environment variables

if you wish to override any variables, please do the following:


cd $WORKSPACE/pay-selfservice/config
cp dev-env.json.example dev-env.json

to edit

cd ~/workspace/pay-selfservice/config
vi dev-env.json

to run mocha tests

npm run compile && npm test

to run cypress tests, in separate tabs:

  • npm run server:cypress
  • npm run pact-stub
  • npm run test:cypress or $(npm bin)/cypress open

to run

LOCAL_ENV=true msl run

Variable required default value Description
PORT X 9200 The port number for the express server to be bound at runtime
SESSION_ENCRYPTION_KEY X Key to be used by the cookie encryption algorithm. Should be a large unguessable string (More Info).
PUBLIC_AUTH_URL X The publicauth endpoint to use when API Tokens.
PUBLIC_AUTH_URL X The endpoint to connector base URL.
SECURE_COOKIE_OFF false/undefined To switch off generating secure cookies. Set this to true only if you are running self service in a non HTTPS environment.
HTTP_PROXY_ENABLED false/undefined To enable proxying outbound traffic of HTTP(S) requests. If set to true make sure to set the following 3 variables
NO_PROXY host:port(s) that need to be by passed by the proxy. Supports comma separated list
NODE_WORKER_COUNT 1 The number of worker threads started by node cluster when run in production mode

#set this to 'true' only if you are running self service in a non HTTPS environment. SECURE_COOKIE_OFF=true

Transaction list

View the transaction list for a given account id.

    GET /transactions

Transaction Search

Search transactions by reference, status and from and to date

    POST /transactions
Form param always present Description
reference X The service reference for a given payment
email X The user email address used for the given payment
status X The payment status
fromDate X A starting date to search for payments
toDate X An ending date to search for payments

Transaction Events list

View the transaction events list for a given account id.

    GET /transactions/{chargeId}
Path param always present Description
chargeId X The charge Id for which the transaction events should be retrieved

Developer tokens

Generate, edit and revoke tokens for a given account id.



MIT License

Responsible Disclosure

GOV.UK Pay aims to stay secure for everyone. If you are a security researcher and have discovered a security vulnerability in this code, we appreciate your help in disclosing it to us in a responsible manner. We will give appropriate credit to those reporting confirmed issues. Please e-mail with details of any issue you find, we aim to reply quickly.