Single sign-on service for GOV.UK
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Signin is a centralised OAuth2 based single sign-on provider for GDS services that provides username/password and 2-Factor authentication.

Live example

Integration Environment Signon

Technical documentation

Devise is used to provide username password sign-in, and Doorkeeper as an OAuth 2 provider.

Details of our interpretation of OAuth are provided in an accompanying document


Various Rubygems

MySQL or Postgres for main data storage. We use MySQL in GOV.UK Production

Redis/Sidekiq for ActiveJob asynchronous tasks

Running the application

The web application itself is run like any other Rails app, for example:

script/rails s

In development, you can run sidekiq to process background jobs:

bundle exec sidekiq -C config/sidekiq.yml

Running the test suite

bundle exec rake

Setup and usage

See accompanying Usage Documentation


MIT License