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daixiang0 commented Aug 29, 2020

What would you like to be added/modified:

To improve project stability, we need more tests to cover corner cases.
And the code coverage is around 50% currently, we need to add more tests to improve it.

To improve case coverage, we may need a list of cases to track the work.
For code coverage, simply check bef

mikegray commented Jun 13, 2019

Version of Singularity:


Expected behavior

Some progress or update information during the creation of the SIF file.

Actual behavior

During "Creating SIF file..." step, the console does not produce any visible output for the user - but does create the resulting file eventually.

Steps to reproduce behavior

I was executing a few “larger” builds through the bui

LukasGentele commented Jan 13, 2020

Is your feature request related to a problem?
"DevSpace should use the current docker behavior for dockerignore:
Dockerfile + .dockerignore
Dockerfile + Dockerfile.dockerignore
Dockerfile.frontend + Dockerfile.frontend.dockerignore

Which solution do you suggest?
Delegating the dockerignore file search to Docker if possible, otherwise copying the behavior as best as possible

heyakyra commented May 22, 2020

MongoDB changed its license to be untenably restrictive.

It’s been more than a year when the upstream MongoDB decided to change the license of the Server code. The previous license was GNU Affero General Public License v3 (AGPLv3). However, upstream wrote a new license designed to make companies running MongoDB as a service contribute back to the community. The new license is called Server Side

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