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This was my first attempt at a game for classic Amiga.

The goal was a game that would run on a 68000 Amiga with only 512kb of ram.

In order to actually get something finished in a reasonable timeframe, I banned refactoring unless the frame rate fell below 50fps or the code compromised the game. This rule has resulted in some quite hard to understand routines :-) but I did get something finished in a reasonable timeframe. In around 8 weeks of working a handful of hours a week a basic game was ready.


This game uses lots of Amiga hardware features:

  • Independently scrolling dual playfields.
  • The blitter is used everywhere (probably in some cases where it should not be)
  • The copper is used extensively. In the main game screen it switches screen modes mid screen and changes the palette 6 times.
  • Sprites are used for all of the items on the board.
  • 3 audio channels are used for the music soundtrack and 1 channel is used for SFX.
  • A hardware track loader (thanks to Photon/Scoopex) is used to load data directly from the floppy.


Veteran 68000 programmers will be able to tell that my 68000 experience is limited. For the most part I was able to write this game using only a small subset of available 68000 instructions.

Cross Development

The game was cross developed on a mac using vasm and vlink as well as a handful of custom tools that I wrote for preparing Amiga data.

I made extensive use of my hacked version of FS-UAE that allowed me to use the FS-UAE debugger with access to my programs symbols even after booting from the bootblock.

For details on setting up the cross development environment see here


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