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*	Readme File of kth-wsn-atmega128rfa1-tinyos	*
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Please read the Source_Tree.txt file together with this
README file. In Source_Tree.txt, you can find a source
tree of the whole files, and the descriptions are listed

	This is a TinyOS project created in Eclipse, and
used for testing the Adc component. It comes from the
example called Blink of TinyOS. An Adc driver component
called PlatformSensorC is added to this application. And
it also uses PlatformSerialC for output, and also Leds
for debuging. In this folder, the sub-folder called
./AdcTest/build/ contains the compiled hex file which can
be downloaded to the atmega128rfa1 chip to run. The
sub-folder called ./AdcTest/src/ contains all the source
code files. The file called TinyOS_Plugin_Makefile is the
project configure file added by Eclipse automatically.

	This is an abandoned project about the serial port
driver of the atmega128rfa1 chip. It is a modified version.
The original codes come from the library of the chip atm1281.
It works some time, but not very well. It is a reference
design of the next generation serial port used in the final
project. For further information, please compare the content
with the codes in ./modified-tinyos-main/tos/platforms/

	This is a log file automatically generated by the
svn system, no big business with the source codes and projects.

	This is the modified TinyOS library folder. There is
one script called copyModificationsToTinyOs. It will help to
copy the downloaded codes to the real position. In
./modified-tinyos-main/tos/ folder, you can find all the
modified library source codes for both the chip and the
platform for this project. For using them, just copy them to
your tos folder relative position manually or use the script.

	This is the header file for the whole project. It
defines all the packet types used in this project, contains 
command, status, and data. And also some pre-defined values
for global using is located here. All the programs can see the
content of this file, it will used both for the TinyOS program
and the Alix program.

	This is a test project for radio connection. It is
modified version from the template of Dissemination and

	This is just this file. :)

	In this folder, you can find all the source codes of the
programs running on Alix part, both with command sender, and the
data receiver.

	This is the application project. It is the real software
which will be downloaded to the atmega128rfa1 chips and run. In
this folder, you can find all the source codes in a sub-folder
called ./SensorAppC/src/. "" is the top component of this
project. All the files with a 'C' at the end of the name are
configuration nesC files. All the files with a 'P' at the end of
the name are module files. In the header files, some constant
values are pre-defined. And the rest are some interface
definations. There are two components are only for testing, and is for
testing the serial port connection, and the other one is for testing
the SensorC together with ControllerC.

	This is an independent serial port project from the
SensorAppC. Provide the same function with that.

	This is a folder that contains all the files used for
testing the serial port but without TinyOS operating system. It is
a pure C project and only do some work with the serial port of
atmega128rfa1 chip.

	This is a source tree generated for locating a file in this
project more quickly. If you want to find a file, better to search
the file name in this file first and then browse to the destination.

	This is a abandoned project. It is used to debuging the serial
port for tracing some data out. And it is pure C application without

	In this folder, you can find some useful scripts to help you
setup the TinyOS environment, uninstall the TinyOS, or compile the
project and download the hex file to atmega128rfa1 chips. And you can
also find the scripts help you to download or upload codes to this
svn website(if you have the priority to upload). Enjoy 


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