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#Discontinued I don't have Free anymore. Code needs a bit of refactoring but is usable as a basis.

#Freebox Revolution Server SDK - Documentation

This describes how to use this SDK.

I did not intend to do a SDK at first, just a REST API, hence some work still need to be done in order to make this SDK more usable.


git clone git://


Errors are formatted as follow:

error: {
  header: {
    httpCode: xxx
  body: {
    code: 'httpMessage',
    message: 'Error description'

##Auth and Token

Freebox Auth

First step is to connect to the freebox. This will return a token.

.connect(object, cb);

Object: { login: 'freebox', passwd: 'freeboxpassword' }. Callback: error, cookie


###Status Generic informations about your internet connection.

.getStatus(token, cb);

cb: error, data.

###Ping Get remote ping status.

.remotePingStatus(token, cb);

cb: error, data { enabled: true/false }.

(De)Activate remote ping.

.changeRemotePing(params, cb);

params: { token:yyy, enabled: true/false } cb: error, {}

###Remote HTTP Access

Get remote access status

.remoteAccessStatus(token, cb);

cb: error, { enabled: true/false, http_port: XX }

Change remote access

.changeRemoteAccess(params, cb);

params: { token: yyy, enabled: true/false, http_port: XX} http_port is optional when deactivating remote access. cb: error, {}

###Wake On Lan

Get WakeOnLan status

.wakeOnLanStatus(token, cb);

cb: error, data

Change Wake On Lan

.changeWOL(params, cb);

params: { token: yyy, enabled: true/false } cb: error, {}


Get Logs

.getLogs(token, cb);

cb: error, data

Flush logs

.flushLogs(token, cb);

cb: error, {}


Get DDNS Configuration (NO-IP and DynDNS).

.getDDNS(token, cb);

cb: error, data

Change DDNS Configuration

.configureDDNS(params, cb);

params: { token; yyy, enabled: true/false, user: user, password: password, hostname: hostname, service: dyndns/noip } user, password, hostname, service are optional when deactivating DDNS.


var freeSDK = require('./freerev-server-sdk');

var auth = {
  login: 'freebox',
  passwd: 'password'

 freeSDK.connect(auth, function (error, token) {
	if (error) throw error;
	freeSDK.getStatus(token, function (error, status) {
	  if (error) throw error;