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Service mixin to transform markdown to html,

Uses Showdown as markdown processor.


'use strict';

let { ServiceBroker } = require('moleculer');
let MarkdownService = require('./../src/index');

// Create broker
let broker = new ServiceBroker({
  logger: console,
  logLevel: 'debug'

// Load markdown Service
  name: 'markdown',
  mixins: [MarkdownService],
  settings: {}

// Start server
broker.start().then(() => {
  // Call action
    .call('markdown.transform', { md: '# Hello, Markdown' })
    .then(html => console.log('HTML is ', html));


Property Type Default Description
omitExtraWLInCodeBlocks Boolean required Omit the trailing newline in a code block.
noHeaderId Boolean required Disable the automatic generation of header ids
customizedHeaderId Boolean required Use text in curly braces as header id
ghCompatibleHeaderId Boolean required Generate header ids compatible with github style
prefixHeaderId Boolean required Add a prefix to the generated header ids
rawPrefixHeaderId Boolean required Setting this option to true will prevent showdown from modifying the prefix
rawHeaderId Boolean required Remove only spaces, ' and " from generated header ids (including prefixes), replacing them with dashes (-)
parseImgDimensions Boolean required Enable support for setting image dimensions from within markdown syntax
headerLevelStart Integer required Set the header starting level
simplifiedAutoLink Boolean required Turning this option on will enable automatic linking to urls
excludeTrailingPunctuationFromURLs Boolean required This option excludes trailing punctuation from autolinking urls
literalMidWordUnderscores Boolean required Turning this on will stop showdown from interpreting underscores in the middle of words
strikethrough Boolean required Enable support for strikethrough syntax
tables Boolean required Enable support for tables syntax
tablesHeaderId Boolean required If enabled adds an id property to table headers tags
ghCodeBlocks Boolean required Enable support for GFM code block style
tasklists Boolean required Enable support for GFM tasklists
smartIndentationFix Boolean required Tries to smartly fix indentation problems related to es6 template strings in the midst of indented code
disableForced4SpacesIndentedSublists Boolean required Disables the requirement of indenting sublists by 4 spaces for them to be nested, effectively reverting to the old behavior where 2 or 3 spaces were enough
simpleLineBreaks Boolean required Parses line breaks as like GitHub does, without needing 2 spaces at the end of the line
requireSpaceBeforeHeadingText Boolean required Makes adding a space between # and the header text mandatory
ghMentions Boolean required Enables github @mentions, which link to the username mentioned
ghMentionsLink String required Changes the link generated by @mentions. Showdown will replace {u} with the username
encodeEmails Boolean required Enable e-mail addresses encoding through the use of Character Entities, transforming ASCII e-mail addresses into its equivalent decimal entities
openLinksInNewWindow Boolean required Open all links in new windows
backslashEscapesHTMLTags Boolean required Support for HTML Tag escaping
emoji Boolean required Enable emoji support
underline Boolean required EXPERIMENTAL: Enable support for underline, no longer rendered to and
completeHTMLDocument Boolean required Outputs a complete html document, including , and tags' instead of an HTML fragment
metadata Boolean required Enable support for document metadata
splitAdjacentBlockquotes Boolean required Split adjacent blockquote blocks
flavor String required Set the flavor for markdown. Options are: original, github, vanilla



Transforms Markdown into HTML


Property Type Default Description
md String required The markdown content


Type: String

  • Generated HTML content



Transforms markdown into html


Property Type Default Description
md String - The markdown content


Type: String

  • Generated HTML content Type: String


A Markdown service transformer for Moleculer







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