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A Reflected Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerability was discovered in Print Archive System v2015 release 2.6
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The user supplied input containing JavaScript is echoed back in JavaScript code in an HTML response via the "TextField" parameter.

Exploit-DB publication at
PacketStorm publication at


2019-02-04: Discovered
2019-02-25: Retest PRO environment
2019-03-25: Retest on researcher's ecosystem
2019-04-02: Vendor notification
2019-04-03: Vendor feedback received
2019-04-08: Reminder sent
2019-04-08: 2nd reminder sent
2019-04-11: Internal communication
2019-04-26: No more feedback received from the vendor
2019-04-30: New issues found
2019-05-06: Public Disclosure

Heidelberg (Print Archive System v2015 release 2.6 Product) Patch and credits:



Alex Hernandez aka (@_alt3kx_)

My current exploit list @exploit-db:

CVE-2019-10685 with sexy screens here:

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