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"Trading": Free Jekyll Theme

Trading is a jekyll theme in newspaper style

This theme is AMP-ready (including Google Analytics and Disqus comments) and includes a basic version of JSON-LD markup for WebPage and Organisation.


This theme was developed in 2016 and is not maintained or updated in the free version.

This theme is open-source. It is an old template from that is no longer in use. You may use this template for any kind of projects, including commercial ones.


Getting started

In /website

Configure your site in /website/_config.yml and install required gems.

cd website
bundle install

In root

You may use the shell scripts in the repository's root dir for faster serve, push or deploy.


./ "commit message"

./ "commit message" # configure your production server access

Alternatively you may use the standard jekyll commands from /website:

bundle exec jekyll serve
bundle exec jekyll build