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PHP Interpreter in pure Erlang
Erlang PHP Makefile
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Copyright (c) 2013-2015 Altenwald Solutions, S.L.

Authors: "Manuel Rubio" (

Build Status Coverage Status License: LGPL 2.1

PHP Interpreter pure 100% Erlang. This interpreter was made for enhance and give flexibility to projects that requires an interface for plugins or addons without new compilations.

In the same way, you can use for server PHP pages in an easy way.

The port is not 100% complete, please refer to compatibility table.


ePHP requires to be run over a Erlang/OTP +R16, but not all the versions are full compatible or recommended. See the list:

  • R16B01 OK
  • R16B02 OK
  • R16B03 OK
  • R16B03-1 OK
  • 17.0 OK
  • 17.1 OK
  • 17.2 untested: is not available in Travis-CI
  • 17.3 NO: fail in SSL notification to coveralls, maybe SSL prone to fail.
  • 17.4 OK
  • 17.5 OK (tested on local environment)
  • 18.0 OK (tested on local environment)

Getting Started

A simple way to use, is include in your project rebar.config the following dependency line:

    {ephp, ".*", {git, "git://", master}}

And use the following code in your project:

{ok, Ctx} = ephp:context_new(),
PHP = "<? $a = 5 * 23; ?>Result for $a = <?=$a?>",
{ok, Text} = ephp:eval(Ctx, PHP).

The result stored in Text should be:

Result for $a = 115

Built-in Libs

PHP has a lot of built-in libraries. This interpreter has a little implementation of them. You can see the functions in the compatibility table.

You can add your own functions specifying the PHP name, and the module and function, as follow:

ephp_context:register_func(Ctx, <<"time">>, ephp_func_date, time).
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