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A Resilent and Scalable PHP on Erlang

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  1. ephp Public

    Bragful core: PHP Interpreter in pure Erlang

    Erlang 232 21

  2. PHP Template for Phoenix Framework

    Elixir 14 1

  3. ezic Public

    Forked from waj/ezic

    a set of erlang utilities for the Olson timezone database files

    Erlang 7 1

  4. zucchini Public

    Forked from devinus/zucchini

    An Erlang INI parser

    Erlang 4 2

  5. JSON library for ePHP (part of Bragful)

    Erlang 4

  6. MySQL Client Library for ePHP (Bragful)

    Erlang 4


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