Files for OS X 10.7 Lion Terminal and update for IntelliJ using Scala #83

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See included readme.


I installed the terminal files for OS X Lion and they work great. Strongly recommend merging this.


Does anybody know why the colors in Terminal appear far "lighter" than in iTerm 2?

Top one is, second is iTerm


I've been wondering the same thing.


This worked perfectly for me, please merge!


Why is this not being merged in?


Works great for me as well, please merge this in.


I won't speak for @altercation, but one very possible reason this hasn't been merged is the sheer size of the pull request and the number of unrelated files it touches. Break this down into logical chunks and submit each as a separate pull request and you'll be much more likely to have it merged.


Unfortunately when I submitted this pull request I didn't realise that subsequent changes to my clone would become updates to the pull request.

As far as I can recall the first commit in the sequence: sroebuck@c28646e is the only commit relating to OS X Lion Terminal. All the others are, I think, the various changes I made to IntelliJ settings for Scala.

So, @altercation if you would like to include this, you can just take the first commit and ignore all the rest.


that puts more works on @altercation... best to make pull requests as easy as possible to merge in. I'd recommend creating a new branch on your local repo based on HEAD on the master repo. Then make the singular change there and send the pull request. Because it's in a separate branch, there's no concern about any of your other changes getting mixed in.


@willnorris Okay, I mistakenly thought he could just cherry pick that commit with a single command or just copy and paste the two files from the github site. Perhaps you could guide me on how I would go about creating a branch on my repo that contains the current head of his and just one commit from mine. To be frank it would seem easier just to create a whole new fork and a new pull request, but that's probably just 'cause I don't know the particular command required. On the other hand given that I have had no response to this from @altercation in the last 10 months it would seem stupid to spend time reformulating the pull request when he may just have other things on his mind.


yeah, he definitely could do a cherry pick which wouldn't be that big of a deal... depends on the developer as to what they prefer. You're right that it'd probably be easier to create a new pull request. But as you point out, given that Ethan hasn't responded here in quite a while, might not be worth the effort :-\

for what it's worth, I've been using your Terminal settings and definitely appreciate your work on them. That's really the main reason I chimed in... I'd love to see this get merged in one way or the other!


Guys, I'm here. I have been total crap at getting pull requests in. I am following this and other threads, though. I am considering opening a forum/g+ page to discuss some issues around the structure of the git repo so I can pull in changes more easily without screwing stuff up. Regardless, please keep posting, please keep emailing, I'm determined to get solarized updated significantly this quarter (Q1), which is a looming deadline.


awesome, great to hear! @sroebuck: let's see if we can get this into a cleaner pull request that can be merged in with minimal effort.


Okay, fully understand the problems of maintaining lots of out-of-hours stuff. Just let me know when and if you want to pull this and I'll happily get it into a form that suits you. In this particular case Terminal for Lion is now arguably the standard version and it might make sense to rearrange the directories to reflect that.


Okay, so I've now become the master of:

git branch lion-terminal upstream/master

And have made a new pull request. So I'm closing this one.

@sroebuck sroebuck closed this Feb 25, 2012
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