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Alteryx Open Source

Alteryx Open Source

Alteryx Open Source

We create next generation technologies, tools, and products to unleash the full potential of machine learning. Our mission is to turbo-charge machine learning and data science efforts by creating open source projects that form the foundation of ML capability within the Alteryx Platform.


We currently have four Python libraries available for machine learning aficionados to use.

  • Featuretools automates the feature engineering process
  • EvalML automates model building, includes data checks, and even offers tools for model understanding
  • Compose automates prediction engineering
  • Woodwork standarizes data typing across all of our libaries

Blog Posts

The Alteryx Open Source team also shares strategies for making the most of these libraries and insights they’ve learned along the way on the Innovation Labs blog. Some recent posts include:

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  1. An open source python library for automated feature engineering

    Python 6.8k 845

  2. evalml Public

    EvalML is an AutoML library written in python.

    Python 648 79

  3. compose Public

    A machine learning tool for automated prediction engineering. It allows you to easily structure prediction problems and generate labels for supervised learning.

    Python 443 44

  4. woodwork Public

    Woodwork is a Python library that provides robust methods for managing and communicating data typing information.

    Python 128 19

  5. Natural Language Processing primitives for Featuretools

    Python 36 11

  6. A collection of demos showcasing automated feature engineering and machine learning in diverse use cases

    Jupyter Notebook 480 161


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