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Arduino Bluetooth QuickBot

Arduino QuickBot

This is the QuickBot implementation on the Arduino platform.

Instead of BeagleBone Black i use Arduino UNO.
Instead of WiFi module i use Bluetooth module HC-06.

It uses the same commands as original QuickBot, but instead of TCP/IP connection
it uses serial connection.

Robot is based on SparkFun RedBot Kit
Mainboard is SparkFun RedBot Mainboard (Arduino UNO compatible)

Android Bluetooth Joystick application to handle QuickBot via Bluetooth module:

QuickBot originated from coursera course "Control of Mobile Robots":
Original QuickBot site and repository:

Photos and video

Photos are in the folder /photos of this repository.

Video of the robot moving around while i'm controlling it with
Android Bluetooth Joystick application:

Credits and links


  • $CHECK*
    OUTPUT: Hello from QuickBot
    Check (ping)

  • $RESET*
    OUTPUT: Encoder values reset to [0, 0]
    Reset counter

  • $IRVAL?*
    OUTPUT: [100, 150, 200, 250, 300]
    Get IR sensor values

  • $ENVAL?*
    OUTPUT: [-5, 10]
    Get encoders values

  • $ENVEL?*
    OUTPUT: [-15, 20]
    Get encoders velocities

  • $PWM=0,0*
    OUTPUT: None
    Stops motors

  • $PWM=12,23*
    OUTPUT: None
    Set pwm values to motors drivers

  • $PWM?*
    OUTPUT: [55, 80]
    Get last set pwm values

  • $DEBUG=1*
    OUTPUT: Debug set to 1
    Enable debug mode
    If enabled, prints debug info every second to the communication connection

  • $DEBUG=0*
    OUTPUT: Debug set to 0
    Disable debug mode

  • $PERF?*
    OUTPUT: Performance = 1850
    Get performance counter value.
    This value means how many loops the program runs in one second.


QuickBot robot implementation on the Arduino platform






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