Highcharts plugin to provide fixed pattern fills
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Highcharts Pattern Fill

This plugin enables highcharts.js to have pattern fillings for its graphs, instead of just single colors. Right now, it simply supports selecting from a fixed set of patterns to use.

Fixed patterns supported

  • striped

How to use

When specifying a color for a series in your graph, pass in an object with the following parameters as such:

{ patternFixed: patternFixed color1: color1 color2: color2 }

where patternFixed is a string from the list of fixed patterns supported, while color1 and color2 are the background and foreground colors for the pattern, respectively.

For example, if you want a series with a red background and black stripes for a series, you may wish to do this:

series: [{ name: "Test", data: [ ...insert data here... ], color: { patternFixed: "striped", color1: "#FF0000", color2: "#000000" } }]