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Today we are proud to publish Hybridizer Essentials for Linux as a public beta.

New Features

We introduce some new features, so far only available in this beta, such as:

  • SetDistrib and SetStream can be called on the wrapped object instead of HybRunner.
    This leads to more CUDA-like code, such as
wrapped.SetDistrib(32, 256).SetStream(myStream).myKernel(args...)
  • cuda.ERROR_CHECK function simplifies error checking whith CUDA API calls.
cuda.ERROR_CHECK(cuda.Malloc(out ptr, size)) // aborts and prints line and file
  • Introduced hybridizer-cuda command line tool, which allows user to compile and run a C# file without writing any project or Makefile
  • When no device code, or no CUDA device is detected, we run the plain C# code with a warning.


  • Tested on Ubuntu 16.04 – should work on other debian-based systems
  • Install a version of CUDA (starting at 8.0 – 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2 supported)
  • Install Mono (version or later)


  • Install the package : sudo dpkg -i hybridizer-essentials-amd64-1.0.6151.9352.deb
  • Installer should print you about license request -- follow instructions on screen
  • If you said no to license request, you can do it later by running /opt/altimesh/hybridizer-essentials/bin/RequestLicense.exe

Run Example

  • Save this in a file Test.cs:
using Hybridizer.Runtime.CUDAImports;
using System;
namespace Test
    class Program
        public static void Hello()
            Console.Out.WriteLine("Hello From GPU");

        static void Main(string[] args)
            dynamic wrapped = HybRunner.Cuda().Wrap(new Program());
            wrapped.SetDistrib(1, 1).Hello();
  • run the command line
    /opt/altimesh/hybridizer-essentials/bin/hybridizer-cuda -o Test.exe Test.cs -run
  • it should print:

Hello From GPU