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Community add-ons for Altium Designer

What is it

This is a set of addons for Altium Designer, a CAD software for Electronic designers. This project contains some scripts, examples and other content which has been developed by community members to provide extended features for Altium Designer.
No real consistency exists between each script because they have been developed separately by individual developers. You can use only one script out of the full set if you want.

How to use

Step 1: download the add-on you want.

  1. Either clone the entire set of add-ons on your computer (if you're accustomed to Git),
  2. Or download only the add-on you want. You can do so by navigating into a script folder and then clicking the script link from the list.

Step 2: integrate the script into Altium Designer and execute it.
If you are a newcomer to Altium scripts, please read the "how to" help page. Some developers may also have provided some screen captures or examples of use.

Please be advised: Some scripts may not work out-of-the-box. Some may be old, unmaintained. Others may be provided as a demonstration, or should be integrated in an other script to fully work.

How to contribute

If you want to add your contribution to our project feel free to fork the repository, commit your changes and submit a pull-request.
You are encouraged to read the GitHub fork guide.

License(s) to use/share

Unless otherwise specified, this project don't follow any particular license such as GPL, MIT or BSD. In any case everything is distributed "as is" with no warranty.
However some authors may have specified a license for their script(s). In this case you are supposed to follow the rules implied by this license for the concerned scripts.