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bitfield commented Apr 26, 2020

It's common when writing scripts that install or configure things to need input from the user (at a minimum, something like 'Press Enter to continue'; at a maximum, to be able to prompt the user for input, with an optional default value, and return that value).

Let's use this issue to design how that would look, and I invite suggestions!

helpermethod commented Sep 29, 2020


I use Groovy for scripting and one thing which really helps to iterate quickly is that Groovy by default adds the following imports

import java.lang.*
import java.util.*
import groovy.lang.*
import groovy.util.*
import java.math.BigInteger
import java.math.BigDecimal

It would be great if jbang could add

import java.lang
udoprog commented Sep 9, 2020

Support rust style attributes;

fn test() {

struct Foo {

This will be invoked as macros with the ast of the thing that it annotates as input, and anything produced by the macro will be appended to the source (to work the same as Rust procedural macros).

  • Implement parsing (#83).
  • Add compiler support to process attributes.


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