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BUS/RT - Rust-native IPC broker

What is BUS/RT

BUS/RT® is a Rust-native IPC broker, written in Rust/Tokio, inspired by NATS, ZeroMQ and Nanomsg. BUS/RT is fast, flexible and very easy to use.

The library can be embedded in any Rust project or be used as a standalone server.

BUS/RT is the core bus of EVA ICS v4.

Inter-process communication

The following communication patterns are supported out-of-the-box:

  • one-to-one messages
  • one-to-many messages
  • pub/sub

The following channels are supported:

  • async channels between threads/futures (Rust only)
  • UNIX sockets (local machine, Linux/BSD)
  • TCP sockets (Linux/BSD/Windows)

In addition to Rust, BUS/RT has also bindings for the following languages:

Rust crate:

Technical documentation

The full documentation is available at:

Some numbers


CPU: i7-7700HQ

Broker: 4 workers, clients: 8, payload size: 100 bytes, local IPC (single unix socket), totals:

stage iters/s 126_824 64_694
rpc.call0 178_505 1_667_131
send+recv.qos.processed 147_812 2_748_870
send.qos.processed 183_795

About the authors

Bohemia Automation / Altertech is a group of companies with 15+ years of experience in the enterprise automation and industrial IoT. Our setups include power plants, factories and urban infrastructure. Largest of them have 1M+ sensors and controlled devices and the bar raises higher and higher every day.