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Grafana datasource plugin for Finac Enterprise Server

(can work with custom Finac servers as well)

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(become a superuser)

cd /var/lib/grafana/plugins
git clone
cd grafana-fes-datasource
npm i
npm run build
systemctl restart grafana-server

Data source configuration

  • Create new data source in Grafana, choose FesDS plugin
  • Use http(s)://yourservername as server URL (no leading slash, no URIs)
  • Enter Finac server API key (if set)



The data source supports all Finac query commands, e.g.

SELECT account_balance(account="myaccount")

Switching base currency on-the-flow

  • create Grafana variable, named e.g. base, put there EUR,USD,CZK as the values.

  • then use variable in queries (don't forget about quotes):

SELECT account_balance(account="myaccount", base="${base}")

Time-based SELECT

Use Grafana global time variables to specify time range, e.g.

SELECT account_balance_range(account="myaccount", start=${__from}, end=${__to},

As time variables are integer numbers, quotes are not required.

Note: it's highly useful to use auto-step for charts.

Data formats

By default, all Finac queries return table series data. The following query functions can return timestamps:

  • asset_rate
  • asset_rate_range
  • account_balance
  • account_balance range

To change timestamp metric name, run query with "AS" parameter:

SELECT account_balance_range(start=${__from}, end=${__to}, account="myaccount",
    step="20a") AS myaccount


Range charts are slow

Increase range step (or decrease, if using auto-step)