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kvrhdn commented May 28, 2021

This is kind of a follow up to #32677 and the PR #34762.

In #34762 we improved the test data source implementation by checking the body of the response from Tempo. The Tempo team is not comfortable making the body of a 404 response part of our stable API, so instead we are currently adding a separate endpoint specifically for testing: /api/echo (grafana/tempo#714).

hkovacs commented Jun 22, 2020

Describe the bug
Using xframe ALLOW-FROM throws error in console: Invalid 'X-Frame-Options' header encountered when loading '': 'ALLOW-FROM' is not a recognized directive. The header will be ignored.
instructions for xframe indicate `ALLOW-FR

MichaelNussbaumerGOWEST commented Jun 12, 2021

I think the filter of the calendar layout is not 100% correct.

The situation I have is, that my item is more than one month long. (season for hotel pricing) The current filter just displays events which start in the current month. So even a event starting on the last day of the previous month wouldn't be displayed.

Current filter:

    "_and": [
sojan-official commented May 24, 2021

When sending an SMS response in Chatwoot, I am character limited to 140 or whatever. However, when I go to "New message" via the contacts panel, I am not character limited, and I was able to send a 300 character test message out. This is an inconsistency in the UI, and not sure why do the character limit, if we can successfully send larger messages


llchan commented Mar 31, 2020

It would be useful to be able to toggle/flag into a process-level mode to group by pid and display more process-level information like the full command line.

  • For the "Utilization by process name" window, we could group by pid rather than process name so that it's easier to find specific heavy network resource consumers.
  • For the "Utilization by connection" window, including the pid + cmdlin

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