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Install archlinux as the WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) host.
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Notice: This project is no longer maintained. I would recommend to not use the current install script, as the root system is severely out of date. Please refer to the WSL Distro switcher or official MS tooling for non-ubuntu distros. Of course the script and the download source will remain available.

This project provides an easy way to install a custom, minimal, arch linux distribution as the WSL host.

If you want to try it right now, clone and run the alwsl batch file from a non-admin command prompt.

Update Mar 2017

We are happy to announce Fastly as a sponsor for a reliable and global delivery of alwsl root images and future updates. Fastly commited a monthly four-figure credit to the alwsl project which will help with alwsl's transition into a new version later this month.

Checkout Fastly's Open-Source efforts here.