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Import mails from mailing list to Refinerycms blog posts
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Refinerycms Mailing-List import

At Tetalab, most of our content is generated on our mailing-list.

Because we want people to read some of this content on the website, and without subscribing on the mailing list, this script helps with reading mails from a gmail account, select the interesting subjects, and import the content in refinerycms-blog engine.


  • copy config.yml.sample to config.yml
  • insert your gmail details in config.yml
  • insert the path to your production sqlite3 db in config.yml


  • Display all avalaible mails for import:
    ruby mailing.rb
  • Select a particular mail from this list into refinerycms-blog engine database:
    ruby mailing.rb 3
  • Mark all mails as read
    ruby mailing.rb 0
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