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My online resume at

Powered By Google App Engine - Python 2.7

Setting up locally

  1. Install nodejs, npm, grunt
  2. Clone the repository: git clone
  3. Get node dependencies: npm install

Build production-ready site.
Html, css will be minimised and client & server files copied to app folder

$ grunt

To watch for file changes and build site:

$ grunt dev

From the app folder, run the site using GoogleAppEngineLauncher or command line. More details on running Python GAE server in the next section and on google dev site.

Running Google App Engine dev webserver

You can run the development web server either via GoogleAppEngineLauncher or command line.

Command Line to start at port 9000 and admin port 9009: Note: Assumes that GoogleAppEngineLauncher has created a symlink to

$ app --skip_sdk_update_check=yes --port=9000 --admin_port=9009

Open http://localhost:9000

Deploy to Google App Engine

To upload the finished application to Google App Engine, run the following command:

$ update app

Or click Deploy in the Google App Engine Launcher and enter your Google username and password at the prompts.

Get Started with app engine