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Weaving algorithm based on work by Petros Vrellis
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example.pde Add basic support for multiple colors (#2) Sep 30, 2019


The idea is to take an image and come up with data to weave it using a single thread on a circular rim.

Basically this: A picture is worth a thousand words. Work by Petros Vrellis


Multiple colors

Color Circle Frame


Circle Frame Square Frame

Basic algorithm

This piece of software requires 3 inputs from the user:

  • A picture to be drawn
  • Total points/nails on a circular rim, P
  • Total lines to be drawn, L

All three inputs are crucial on how the final result is going to look. The program does the following:

  1. Converts the color picture to grayscale.
  2. The picture is then cropped to a square.
  3. Places a virtual circular rim with P equidistant points on it.
  4. Takes the first point (p = 0) as the starting point.
  5. Finds the next point p' to draw a line from point p by finding the highest intensity line.
    • The intensity of a line is calculated by adding up the all the pixel values of a line from p to p'.
  6. A new line is drawn from p to p' on the circular rim.
  7. The original image is modified such that the pixels under the line from p to p' are lightened* so that the same line is not drawn next time.
  8. p' is set as the new starting point p and then the steps from 5 is repeated until L lines are drawn.

* The amount by which a line should be lightened can also be configured.

How to run?

  • You'll need to download Processing. It's available for Windows / Mac / Linux.
  • Open up Weaver.pde using Processing.
  • Hit Run or press CTRL+R to execute the application.
  • Click anywhere on the application to start processing.
  • Click again to pause.
  • After the process is complete, a text file will be generated. This file contains the positions of each point where the thread should be knitted next.

Note: Those of you who are downloading the repository as .zip file, you must rename the folder Weaver-master to Weaver before opening on Processing.


The setup() function in Weaver.pde chooses one of the example configurations. Check the example.pde to modify the configuration of each example.


Kudos to i-make-robots for originally writting this algorithm.

I changed it a little bit to clean up the code, improve GUI and add some extra features.

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