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Custom theme for home assistant
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Sundown Theme

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Sundown theme by am80l



Theme - Overview


Add the following code to your configuration.yaml file (reboot required).

  ... # your configuration.
  themes: !include_dir_merge_named themes
  ... # your configuration.

Add the following line to your lovelace-ui.yaml or use the RAW editor:

background: var(--background-image)

(Optional) add the following to the same file to make the header smaller (you need to install cch too):

  background: 'rgba(155, 155, 155, 0.25)'
  clock_format: 24
  options: clock
  swipe_animate: fade
  swipe_prevent_default: true


  1. Go to the Community Store.
  2. Search for Sundown.
  3. Navigate to Sundown theme.
  4. Press Install.
  5. Go to services and trigger the frontend.reload_themes service.


Clone this repository in your existing (or create it) themes/ folder.

cd themes/
git clone

Or using submodules:

cd themes/
git submodule add
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