Library to easily intercept Elixir function calls
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The Interceptor library allows you to intercept function calls, by configuring the interception functions and using the Interceptor.intercept/1 macro.


The package can be installed by adding interceptor to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
    {:interceptor, "~> 0.1.0"}

Getting started

Create a module with a get/0 function that returns the interception configuration map.

defmodule Interception.Config do
  def get, do: %{
    {Intercepted, :abc, 1} => [
      before: {MyInterceptor, :intercept_before},
      after: {MyInterceptor, :intercept_after}

Point to the previous configuration module in your configuration:

# [...]
config :interceptor,
  configuration: Interception.Config

Define your interceptor module:

defmodule MyInterceptor do
  def intercept_before(mfa),
    do: IO.puts "Intercepted #{inspect(mfa)} before it started."

  def intercept_after(mfa, result),
    do: IO.puts "Intercepted #{inspect(mfa)} after it completed. Its result: #{inspect(result)}"

In the module that you want to intercept (in our case, Intercepted), place the functions that you want to intercept inside a Interceptor.intercept/1 block. If your functions are placed out of this block or if they don't have a corresponding interceptor configuration, they won't be intercepted. In the next snippet, the function won't be intercepted because it's out of the Interceptor.intercept/1 do-block.

defmodule Intercepted do
  require Interceptor, as: I

  I.intercept do
    def abc(x), do: "Got #{inspect(x)}"

  def foo, do: "Hi there"

Now when you run your code, whenever the function is called, it will be intercepted before it starts and after it completes. You also have a on_success, on_error and wrapper callbacks. Check the full documentation for further examples.

More info

You can find the library documentation at