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Priority-map: Fixed equals method to call mapEquals

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commit 9fe43dbfa1d38085eeee0392b7469ac79afa15c3 1 parent 52420d0
@Engelberg Engelberg authored
2  modules/priority-map/src/main/clojure/clojure/contrib/priority_map.clj
@@ -211,7 +211,7 @@ to Clojure's assortment of built-in maps (hash-map and sorted-map).
; their key-value pairs are the same.
(equiv [this o] (= item->priority o))
(hashCode [this] (.hashCode item->priority))
- (equals [this o] (= item->priority o))
+ (equals [this o] (.mapEquals item->priority o))
;containsKey implements (contains? pm k) behavior
(containsKey [this item] (contains? item->priority item))
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