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Advanced Terrestrial Simulator (ATS) development
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ATS: The Advanced Terrestrial Simulator

The Advanced Terrestrial Simulator (formerly sometimes known as the Arctic Terrestrial Simulator) is a code for solving ecosystem-based, integrated, distributed hydrology.

Capabilities are largely based on solving various forms of Richards equation coupled to a surface flow equation, along with the needed sources and sinks for ecosystem and climate models. This can (but need not) include thermal processes (especially ice for frozen soils), evapo-transpiration, albedo-driven surface energy balances, snow, biogeochemistry, plant dynamics, deformation, transport, and much more.

Getting the code

If you just plan on using ATS and think what you want is likely in a recent release, please prefer to use the most recent release version available here.

If you instead expect to do new development, please use the developer version and clone the ats repository using:

git clone


Please see the INSTALL file included in the top level directory of your ATS download.

License and Copyright

Please see the LICENSE and COPYRIGHT files included in the top level directory of your ATS download.

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