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Urgent Upgrade

amark published GHSA-886v-mm6p-4m66 Jun 4, 2019 · 1 comment
Affected versions
< 0.2019.416
Patched versions
> 0.2019.416

The static file server module included with GUN had a serious vulnerability:

  • Using curl --path-as-is allowed reads on any parent directory or files.

This did not work via the browser or via curl without as-is option.


This has been fixed since version 0.2019.416 and higher.

Who Was Effected?

Most NodeJS users who use the default setup, such as:

  • npm start
  • node examples/http.js
  • Heroku 1-click-deploy
  • Docker
  • Now

If you have a custom NodeJS code then you are probably safe unless you have something like require('http').createServer(Gun.serve(__dirname)) in it.

If you have not upgraded, it is mandatory or else it is highly likely your environment variables and AWS (or other) keys could be leaked.


It was reported and fixed by JK0N, but I did not understand the --path-as-is condition.

Joonas Loppi from function61 rediscovered it and explained the urgency to me to fix it.

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