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HomeAssistant custom component for Budapest public transportation
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legacyUI Add custom card for Lovelace Jun 11, 2019

BKK Stop Information custom component for Home Assistant

Providing also a custom state card for legacyUI.

This custom component and custom card shows Budapest Public Transportation (BKK) line information departing in the near future from a configurable stop.


The easiest way to install it is through HACS (Home Assistant Community Store), search for BKK Stop Information in the Integrations.

If you are not using HACS, download the files from custom_components/bkk_stop into your $homeassistant_config_dir/custom_components/bkk_stop.

Once downloaded and configured as per below information you'll need to restart HomeAssistant to have the custom component and the sensors of bkk_stop platform taken into consideration.


Define sensors with the following configuration parameters:

name (Optional): Name of component
stopId (Required): StopId as per
minsAfter (Optional): Number of minutes ahead to show vehicles departing from station (default: 20)
wheelchair (Optional): Display vehicle's wheelchair accessibility (default: false)
bikes (Optional): Display whether bikes are allowed on vehicle (default: false)
ignoreNow (Optional): Ignore vehicles already in the station (default: true)


platform: bkk_stop
name: 'bkk7u'
stopId: 'BKK_F00940'
minsAfter: 25
wheelchair: true

Lovelace UI

There is a Lovelace custom card related to this component at

Legacy UI

Custom state card is provided for presenting data on legacy UI. Pls see the legacyUI directory structure for example.

Lovelace UI:
bkk_stop Lovelace example

Legacy UI:
bkk_stop legacy UI example

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